The easy way to get data from the web

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Lusting After Tables On Websites

Table Elements On Websites

Do you know how to properly use these functions already built into Python?

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Built-In Python Functions

1. help()

Aggregating and grouping data

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Selecting, filtering, and sorting data

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  1. Learn and compare functionality
  2. If you already know one, then to learn the other
  3. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each
  4. Have multiple tools for manipulating…

How to minimize errors and maximize results in your hypothesis tests

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Office Hours

A guide for increasing your business acumen and acing the interview questions

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Why are business case interview questions so important?

Shopping comparisons of men’s and women’s products on Amazon

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What is pink tax?

Getting Started

Getting better at SQL will save you time and frustration

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A beginner’s guide for expanding your clustering knowledge beyond K-Means.

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An Overview of Gaussian Mixture Models

Say hello to a library called Yellowbrick

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What is an AUC ROC plot?

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Data scientist with a background in biology and health tech interested in using data for projects that improve lives. GitHub @HeyThatsViv

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